The 28 Second Guy

I had given a guy a ride home after he had too much to drink.

When we arrived at his apartment complex, he was in the middle of a story so I parked the car as he continued on.  We were chatting for about 10 minutes or so when he asked me to come up to his place for a nightcap.

“It’s probably not a good idea,” I replied.

“You’re probably right.”  He paused.  “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure.”  I chuckled.  “Thanks for offering though!”

We chatted a bit longer, and at some point the conversation turned back to inviting me up again.

He proclaimed, “I can go for like, 28 seconds.”

I’m sold.  That sounds amazing and very satisfying!  (If you’re not able to read that my thoughts were dripping with sarcasm, please know that they are.)

“Well,” I chuckled, “although your offer is very enticing, I must decline.”

We chatted a bit longer and he was asserted he was sobering up a bit.  I hinted that I was ready for him to get out of the car so I could drive home.  He took the hint, but thought he’d try once more, “Well maybe I can go for like 45 seconds.”

I laughed, “No thanks, I’m good.  Maybe next time.”



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