The Yacht Guy

You asked for it.  Here it is.

Folks love hearing about my dating stories.  I don’t know if they appreciate my sense of humor, are laughing at me, or just appreciate the awkwardness that comes with first dates.  It could also be the real winners that I have gone on these so called “dates” with.  I post my adventures on Facebook and get more reaction from my dating adventures than I receive from other important lifetime moments such as passing the California bar exam.  The comments always include friends saying I should write a book, start a blog, or otherwise document these adventures and share them with the world.  After several (and I mean several) years of requests, I am finally obliging with the wishes of my dating adventure followers.  Enjoy!

Post Titles

When talking with my girlfriends, they are not able to keep track of names if I’m dating a couple guys at the same time; however, they are able to keep track of a random fact associated with the guy or the date.

One of the first examples was Yacht Guy.  I was at a bar and was happily engaging in a flirty conversation with a guy from the Midwest.  At closing time, we decided to keep the conversation going so I walked to the exit of the bar and continued to the parking lot.  He kindly stated with a smirk, “Where are you going?  I’m parked out back.”

Uhmmm.  There was nothing ‘out back’ except for the marina.  After inquiring further (and assessing my own sobriety), he explained his yacht was out back.  Trying to not roll my eyes about the impending show of masculinity, I walked to the back with him expecting to see a small boat typical of the size of those in the marina.  Nope, it was a full sized three story yacht, obscenely big for the small dock behind the bar.  The notion of  overcompensation immediately crossed my mind.  We ended up boarding the yacht, chatting the night away, dated for a hot second, eventually became friends and still keep in contact via Facebook about 8 years later.  Regardless of the remainder of our adventures together, he was forever known by my girlfriends as Yacht Guy.

Are the Dates Real?

Yes.  I cannot make this stuff up.

Are the Names Real?

Although truth is a generally an affirmative defense to a defamation or slander lawsuit, I would rather avoid all such claims altogether.  Names have been changed to protect the anonymity of these characters.


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