The Foot Fetish Guy

So, I never actually met the Foot Fetish Guy; however, a lot of the online dating today starts with an initial texting communications.  There is a reason a lot of dating stops there and never leads to an in person meeting.  This is one example.

This blog post is unique as I have copied the content of our texts verbatim, with the exception of the personal identifiers.

Him: How are you today?  I’m new to this and to California.

Me: Of the two, I prefer California over online app dating.  Lol.  Where are you from?

Him: Lol. From Cincinnati OH

Me: How’s California treating you so far?

Him: It’s great.  This rain could stop, but it’s good for the state

He cares about the environment.  That’s a good thing. 

Me: So how was your weekend?

Him: Wasn’t bad. Wet lol.  How about yours?

Me: Decent.  Got a lot done yesterday.  Now stuck at the airport waiting to fly home…ugh.

Him: From where?

Me: Sacramento.  Just up for the day for a meeting.

Him: Cool. How long is that flight?

Him: I should tell you… I have a thing for cute feet.  hope that’s not a deal breaker??

Okay.  This is an odd thing to tell someone within about a dozen texts back and forth.  Everyone has a thing for something, whether it be eyes, butt, or with this guy, feet.  Maybe he likes seeing women in heels?  Maybe I’ll give him the benefit of a doubt.  Having been in gym shoes and running the last couple months, my feet were not sandal ready.  I can’t just let this go though.  

Me: Thanks for the warning… lol.  It so isn’t pedicure season.  Hahaha.  So if my feet aren’t so cute, is it a deal breaker for you?  Lol.

Him: Lol. No not at all

Him: And I bet they’re cute! (smiley face emoji)

I don’t respond further that evening.  The creep factor is already setting in with this one.  He texted the next day.  

Him: How was your flight?

Me: Decent.  Got in late and it had a lot of turbulence.

Him: Got ya.  Sounds like you could use a killer foot massage!!? (smiley face emoji)

Here we go with the feet again…  I try to hint that perhaps diving straight into the feet thing is not for me, but wouldn’t be opposed to meeting.  

Me: Lol.  Actually I could.  Lol.  Probably coffee or a cocktail first.

Him: Coffee sounds good!!

Him: I would give you an amazing foot massage.  Suck your toes and make you feel incredible!!

Okay, so he didn’t take the hint.  Time to be more direct.  

Me: Let’s start with coffee.  Lol.  Hey, I’m going to be offline for the rest of the day.  Will chat soon!

Him: Lol sounds good


Yep, not calling, texting, or chatting with him any longer.  And I’m taking my feet with me.  


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